A Few Words From Me

I was raised in Wales into a household of musicians.
Naturally, my first love was music but I quickly found myself putting my hands to something more physical, Parkour.

I trained within the Parkour/Freerunning community until I was guided into developing my movement skills further and found myself winding up as a professional contemporary circus performer touring the UK and mainland Europe for several years.


I had picked up a camera in my Parkour days as many people in that culture do and I had kept the camera close by while on my adventures as a performer. It quickly became an obsessive learning point of mine and when I decided to leave the on-stage world behind it was clear that film was going to be the all-consuming factor that brought me back to the creative realm.

Now I am freelancing as a Director of Photography and have grounded myself within web commercials and dance on film, both genres that satisfy very different but complementary itches.
I am looking for projects that I can really contribute to visually, something I can get involved with from the ground level and build collaboratively alongside inspiring directors.